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Aileen Price Coaching LLC

Coaching is a transformative experience that explores possibilities and charts plans.  The coaching process is an invaluable tool to take inventory of the resources at hand and help to identify a way forward while honoring core values in crafting a desired outcome. Through coaching, a person develops a personalized pace of action to reach goals and a future. The client creatively addresses obstacles to progress to maximize success at reaching life and professional goals.

The coach is a supportive thought partner that helps process thoughts, organize ideas and spark new insights. The coach helps stretch a person to explore new possibilities, to identify obstacles, and to find new pathways forward. Read more.

Leadership Coaching

Leadership is a great privilege that comes with great responsibility.  Coaching benefits leadership in growth, program implementation, organizational changes, and even problem solving.  Coaching serves beyond overcoming challenges; it can catapult your experience to new levels of success.  More

Transition Coaching

A transition may come from a desired change, a necessary change, or from an unexpected event.  While in a transition, there may be a period of time that can lead an individual in uncertainty about the next steps, and the future seems hazy.  Coaching will provide clarity and a solid footing to take the necessary next steps. Create your desired future today!  More

Aileen Price
Coach and Author
Spring Cleaning Me is a book about removing hindrances in your life so you can reach your purpose.  For more information and reviews, please visit the Books page.
Life Coaching

Whether you need to make a decision, set a goal, or establish a routine, coaching will increase your chances of success. Coaching will provide a judgement free, neutral space to explore options beyond those already considered.  Coaching will break goals down into realistic steps.  Coaching will provide accountability to keep the larger picture on track.  More

If you're motivated to take charge and want to explore if we're a fit for coaching, schedule a complimentary session here

Special introductory rates available.  

*Non-profit/ministry rates available. 

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