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Spring Cleaning Me: A Key to Effectiveness in Your Purpose



By: Messy Miracles

Source: Amazon

I chose this book because I know the author who is a devoted Christian. The metaphor of 'spring cleaning' rings true to me since that was the routine my mom followed every year. The thoughtful reflection exercises at the end of each chapter pointed me to the area in my life that need a closer look. And through reading this book, I am encouraged to do so.




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By: Beloved

Source: Amazon

I started reading the book Spring Cleaning ME by Aileen Price. After reading the first chapter, I realized I needed to take some time to work through this a bit at a time. This is a meaty book, one that will help you dig deep into your mind and heart and God’s Word.

The Bible says that you and I are a dwelling. We’re referred to as the Temple of the Holy Spirit (1 Corinthians 6:19). He lives within us. H has unpacked his bags, and the move is official. He is not a house guest. He will shine his holy light to keep darkness from our spirits, just as the sunlight reveals dirt and grime. Like houses require regular maintenance and cleaning, so do our lives. 

Aileen walks us through the Word as she sheds light on the things in our hearts and minds that are hurting us, holding us back, impairing our prayer life, and separating us the God who loves us so dearly. She is often very blunt, and does not pull punches. But she is real, exposing how she has had to come to grips with the cobwebs in the corners of her own life.

To prepare us for the work ahead, she says “Those ready and willing to be vessels in Gods hands must put Him first. Then there comes a time for preparation … time spent with God in one-on-one training…”

Throughout the journey, she points the way through Scripture, giving questions at the end of each chapter to help us dig deeper. I had journaled my way through the book, and found that I needed to break down many of the chapters into smaller bite sized pieces.

Aileen talks about the things cluttering our mind and how we can rerun things like an old movie in our minds. I have been obsessive compulsive about many things in the past, and have had to learn how to control those things that would derail me from a normal life. I realized in the study that I still have a lot to learn about controlling this. She points out the problem and shows the solution. As I journaled, the Lord showed me some of the “worries” that I was letting run through my mind like a hamster in his cage. How easy it is to forget that the Lord has always wanted me to cast my concerns on Him… not take things into my own hands.

I found that her admonishment “Don’t Believe Lies” to be very insightful. She points to the assault that Satan has made against our self esteem, and shows us how to combat this lie by surrendering to God’s Word and using it to combat these lies.

I have always found the book of James difficult to digest. My very first exposure years ago was on “taming the tongue”. What Aileen presents was no exception. She shows how pathway of sin in our heart in James 1:14-15, and how it leads to death. Envy and Jealousy are two issues that women often struggle with. We can catch ourselves comparing ourselves to other women, to family members, co-workers, even our own spouse if we are on the lookout. She then shows us how to deal with these issues.

Many parts of a woman’s heart are hidden away because they are painful. The Lord is able to help us see these parts so that He can bring healing. But healing will need us to see the truth and then to forgive. Aileen shares the poignant story of her own healing. She is so encourages those on this journey to take heart, as “the Lord is faithful to heal all your wounds”.

This is so much richness in this book that you need to experience it for yourself. Take your time, write in your journal. Spend time in God’s Word. When the ground outside is ready to have little buds poking up out of the earth, you too will experience that kind of renewal and new life.

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