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"I had the opportunity to work with Aileen shortly after graduating from

Law School and shortly after beginning a tough stint as a young associate of a Philly Law Firm.  I had very little time to myself, a young family, and had begun my career at time when a national economic downturn stripped away a great deal of the more lucrative opportunities for first year associate attorneys."

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Maximize leadership success. Improve team communication and performance. Prepare for new programming and growth. Implement new programs. 
Whether you're pursuing change or change finds you, navigate through the transition. Gain a clearer picture of a desired future.
Missing Piece
Create a personalized, realistic plan to achieve your goals. Explore your options in decision-making. Get clear on and piece together the desired vision for your life. 


If you're motivated to take charge and want to explore if we're a fit for coaching, schedule a complimentary session here
Special introductory rates available.  
*Non-profit/ministry rates available. 
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