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Transitions present great opportunities. Often they can be fraught with a lack of clarity of where you're going.  In coaching, we use the metaphor a bridge to describe transition.  There is a place in the middle of a bridge in which you cannot see what is behind or what is ahead, and it can be confusing and unsettling.  Routines often change creating a need to establish a new normal.  

Coaching develops a vision of what the future holds. The client is able to gain traction in moving through the transition. The process allows people to prioritize objectives and to focus on the process one piece at a time. 

Transitions occur at many junctures in life including but not limited to the following: 

  • Changes in family

  • Launch of career or career change

  • Transitioning into retirement

  • Figuring out what's "next"

If you're motivated to take charge and want to explore if we're a fit for coaching, schedule a complimentary session here

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*Non-profit/ministry rates available. 

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