Aileen is a native Philadelphian. After college, she married her college sweetheart who found employment in Ann Arbor, Michigan. It was in the midwest where she would embrace a call to ministry and train as both a life coach and a minister.  Teaching Bible studies and developing women's conferences for her local church, she developed material to write her first book, Spring Cleaning Me: A Key to Effectiveness in Your Purpose.

Her current book project is centers around her journey with a diagnosis of bipolar disorder. After years of trying to reconcile her faith with a mental health diagnosis with such high stigma, Aileen emphasizes the Lord's faithfulness through the trial. Aileen believes in miracles and that God is still a healer.  At the same time, she has embraced the responsibility to wisely steward her health by cooperating with medical professionals.  Aileen maintains a hopeful heart that one day, she will be completely healed.  To hear a testimony on this topic, visit the Speaking page.

Aileen is married to her college sweetheart, Chris. After thirteen years of marriage, they were blessed with their miracle baby, Adam.

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Aileen, Chris, and Adam at  Longwood Gardens.