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I had the opportunity to work with Aileen shortly after graduating from Law School and shortly after beginning a tough stint as a young associate of a Philly Law Firm.  I had very little time to myself, a young family, and had begun my career at time when a national economic downturn stripped away a great deal of the more lucrative opportunities for first year associate attorneys. 


With Aileen's coaching and encouragement, I was able to find my footing and make

steady steps towards a more rewarding career.  Having someone to talk to, that believed that I could achieve success made a huge difference.  It was not easy to find my footing, the steps that I took required courage, faith, and resilience.  Working with Aileen, an experienced life coach, helped me stay accountable and consistently pursue changes in my career without compromising my values.  Today, I am proud to say that Coach Aileen's encouragement set me on a path to start my own law practice.  Her attention and advice helped place me in a position to experience a level of success that would have been impossible had I simply resigned to my previous set of circumstances and not taken a chance.  

William S. Ravenell, II Esq., MA., RAVENELL LAW, LLC


Aileen has been a great blessing in my life. When I first started motherhood I was a little bit concerned about how God will fulfill this calling in my life. Aileen guided me and comforted me to come up with my own answers on what God was calling me to do. I always thought that I had to come up with things on my own and make my own way from scratch. Aileen spoke comfort words to me and said “That motherhood will not have to be from scratch for me”. This helped me as I took action steps to learn from others who have gone before me. 

Thank you Aileen for your great help!

Rev. Trinidad Trancoso, Assemblies of God

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