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Inner Healing: I'm No Expert, But...

I don't have a PhD in Psychology. I just have a bachelors. I'm not an expert. I do have life experience and the daily life with a mental health diagnosis. There's one thing I'm certain of: it is impossible to stuff down emotions and not expect them to surface elsewhere.

It's possible that when you're expected to "get over something," it merely gets stuffed down. Some people are really good at letting go of stuff. With other people, you'll realize that they've never let go of "it" because it's coming up again. Whenever an issue isn't dealt with adequately, you run the risk of it coming back stronger. With anger, for example, the Bible advises us not to go to sleep angry (Ephesians 4:26).  This isn't an invitation to pull an all-nighter either.

I believe the things that wound us or pain us are prime candidates for healing. It's difficult and challenging. Being confronted with trauma is never on anyone's to-do list. In an effort to live a healthy life, we hear advice to keep away from drama and the things that hurt us. I would argue that for the sake of growth and health, it's important to face the pain, at the appropriate time, to heal completely and make it further down the road. I'm not advocating for remaining in unhealthy situations or allowing oneself to continually be victimized. I'm talking about having the right perspective when it comes to pain and to difficult situations.

My goal in this life is to be successful. It's to reach the final destination that God has for me and to diligently carry out my calling. I know that I'm not able to be successful if I'm avoiding things that somehow got stuffed down somewhere. I believe that he's faithful enough to heal me so that I can be a whole person doing what I'm meant to do. I have to trust that when something bubbles up to the surface, I can take it directly to the cross.

There's no point in having shame and wanting to push pain back down. It would be a shame to carry a crippling hurt through life, rather than allowing Him to heal it.

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