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Why Your Voice/Gift Matters

You have a circle of influence.

I made a grave mistake when I was younger. I decided to sit down and to not volunteer to sing anymore because I felt there were enough young singers volunteering to sing. I felt they were more popular than I was. I decided that I wouldn't continue to volunteer to sing, but I was more than happy to help if I were asked to sing.

I led a few worship services during those years, but there times when I was singing an original song that the musicians didn't know, and my voice would falter. It was almost as if I lost my confidence. I lost my voice. Years later, God was gracious to restore that confidence so that when I stand in public to sing, I no longer lose volume.

I almost made a similar mistake again. For years, I wrote blogs about Christian living. They became fewer as other projects surfaced. However, I started to wonder if Facebook and the blogosphere had become crowded. Had I just become another voice in the crowd, competing for people's attention?

I was humbled to learn from several people that my posts make a difference. In the midst of all the voices out there, my voice got through. We don't alway get immediate feedback. However, I'm grateful when God answers my questions.

If you find yourself feeling crowded out today, I want you to consider that your gift matters. Your voice matters. Your story matters. There are no cookie-cutter people out there. You have a circle of influence. You have neighbors, co-workers, friends, and family unique to you.

The story of Jesus and the Samaritan woman is a good example of the power of one person's voice. Because of the Samaritan woman at the well, many Samaritans came to meet Jesus and to believe He was the Messiah (John 4:39-42). She shared what He said to her; He knew who she was. She invited the Samaritans to come and see Him for themselves.

While it's quite possible that testimonies from afar could have had an impact on this group of people, Jesus chose to change the life of one woman. Her encounter with Jesus and invitation to know Him impacted the others. Never minimize the impact your voice or your gift could have on your circle of influence and beyond.

I'm grateful when tests come around again, and we're able to learn from our mistakes. If you've made this type of mistake of feeling your contributions are unnecessary or superfluous, I invite to pray to the Lord in repentance for believing a lie. Ask Him to get you back on track and to help you with the courage to take on opportunities. He's faithful to restore us to where we need to be.

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