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Am I Where I'm Supposed to Be?

Ever wonder if  you're where you're supposed to be? If so, then you are not alone. I spent many seasons in that place of wondering if I was in the right place for me at that particular time. Something felt off.  It just seemed that there should be "more" to life. On several occassions, I spoke with some trusted individuals.  As we prayed together, the message for me was: "You're right where you're supposed to be." I heard this message more than once over the years from different people in different regions.  They did not know each other, but they knew God and God knew what I needed to hear.

Life picked up.  Things got better.  I felt I was where I was supposed to be. Things were happening. There was excitement and a passion for life and my new projects.  I thought that for sure those days of uncertainty had faded into the distant past. How wrong I was! I've since learned that life isn't static. There are ups as well as downs. There are even boring phases, yet none of these things negate the purpose for my life or yours.

Abraham is an example of a Bible character who had quite a journey to receive his promise. His encounter with God and the promise of a son was a twenty-five year journey (Genesis 12-21).  In that time, Abraham faced famine, a long trip past the Promise Land to Egypt, family drama, wars, etc. His promise came to pass despite all of these developments, most of which seem like obstacles, roadblocks, and detours. He's a testament that God will bring us through life to get us to our Promise.

Don't be discouraged when your destiny seems on hold. He isn't done with you yet.

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